Are Drug Detox and Rehab Requirements Being Driven By Drug Reps?

Have you been to a physician and been given free samples of medication? You might feel thankful: there’s something you don’t have to cover. However, those free trials are now not just given to you out of the goodness of anybody’s soul – but the physician might believe he is doing you a favor – they are a part of a huge marketing ploy by drug companies to have doctors to prescribe their products and solutions. In reality, drug companies spend $18 billion per year on samples that are free. With all the expectation of becoming you on the drugs and without a reference to whether you’ll grow to be hooked or dependent, or whether you’ll require medication detox to log off them.

Drug sales-people represent themselves best drug detox as experts; some one a family doctor can trust to tell the truth about the drugs that they sell. As we seen with OxyContin – that manufacturer was fined $634.5 million for misleading health practitioners and the public -“trustworthy” isn’t an adjective we could use to describe drug companies or drug salespeople.

In fact, drug research is often funded with the drug provider. Sometimes several trials are done on a medication – some with positive benefits, a few with negative effects, plus some that show the drug works no better than a placebo. Drug organizations just out to earn a buck – actually, huge amounts of bucks – do not ensure all those unwanted and neutral consequences arrive at health practitioners or the people they push the constructive evaluations that will encourage their claims about the medication’s benefits.

It’s difficult for doctors to be aware of the reality. They’d need to spend massive amounts of time doing their own research and finding research which wasn’t funded by the drug company – something that might be difficult as the information on financing isn’t necessarily obvious. So, unfortunately, they tend to rely on what they can get their fingers on. Which can be directed at them with way of a drug rep. Is that drug rep heading to share with a physician that their patients might end up in drug detox, drug rehabilitation or in the morgue? He is not likely to secure a sale out of this, but and that’s his job, and that means you do the mathematics.

You or someone who you know could possibly be just one of millions of people who have been harmed by prescription medication. You will know somebody who’s had to visit medication detoxification or rehab to get off them.

Do you want to guarantee your safety? I’m afraid it’s going to require a small job – you are definitely going to need to do yourself, or else have a reliable friend help you. There’s plenty of advice about drugs on the Internet. Even drug company web sites list the unwanted effects – you wont find them plastered all over the front page in bold letters, however they do need to disclose them. They will not go as far as saying you could need drug detoxification or rehabilitation to get them off but the negative effects are usually bad enough in themselves to inform you you’re not doing your self a favor by accepting them.

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