Avoid Fires by Having Your Dryer Vent Professionally Cleaned

Over the course of the year your clothes dryer builds up quite a bit of lint. Occasionally that lint can catch fire, but usually burns itself out. If the build up of lint is significant however, the lint can catch fire and spread quickly, engulfing the home and destroying everything you own. Here are some of the reasons you should consider having your dryer professionally cleaned this year.

Cleaning the Lint Screen

The lint screen captures the majority of lint and if a fire were to ignite, this area is like gasoline for a fire. You simply must clean the screen before each use, however many people simply forget. This is the first line of defense on the way to the dryer vent and should be cleaned first. When you have the dryer professionally cleaned, the technician will scrub the screen clean so no residue is left. This will make it easier for you to clean each day dryer vent.

Inspecting the Vent Hose

A professional cleaning of your dryer can benefit you in other ways. The technician will carefully inspect your vent hose to ensure it is not kinked or bent. If they discover you have a white plastic hose they will replace it immediately with an aluminum hose. The plastic hoses are no longer sold because they are considered a fire hazard. The technician will cut the hose to the appropriate size so that is doesn’t bend or kink when the dryer is pushed back in place.

Professional Vent Line Cleaning

The line that runs from the wall behind the dryer up to the outside flap needs to be cleaned too. Lint will accumulate in that line over the course of a year. If a fire were to ignite in the dryer, that line would be like a fuse on a stick of dynamite. The entire line would become engulfed in flames, making the roof and attic vulnerable to fire. Make sure you have a professional inspect this line and clean it thoroughly.

Cleaning the Dryer

In addition to cleaning the lint screen, the line and dryer vent, you should have the dryer opened up and all the lint vacuumed away. It might be difficult for you to open up the casing on the dryer, so call a professional and have them remove the cover and clean out all that trapped lint. Your dryer may have a significant amount of excess lint trapped inside that could also affect how the machine functions each day.

Checking the Gas Line

If you are using gas to power the dryer, you should have a professional inspect the lines once they are done cleaning the dryer vent. This will only take them a few seconds, but could save your home if a potential problem is identified.

Having a professional clean your dryer vent is the best way to protect your home from a potential fire. The technician will do a thorough check of all the areas of the dryer where link can become trapped and clean them appropriately.